Global Events Agenda

A roundup of events relating to Expo and the UAE’s 2020 bid themes

International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport

Sousse, Tunisia
May 29, 2013

This conference brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia providing them with a platform to report on recent developments, achievements, deployments, technology trends and research results and initiatives related to the logistics and transport fields. The conference includes a dedicated symposium on intelligent transport systems and another covering accessibility, mobility, security and safety.

European conference on Mobility Management

Gävle, Sweden
May 29, 2013

Disseminating, exchanging and increasing the knowledge of mobility management, this European conference attracts a range of international experts and policy makers. Delegates to the largest conference on mobility management will discuss sustainable travel and transport. The theme of the conference is “Smart choices require easy access – making sustainable transport a part of everyday life”.

UITP World Congress

Geneva, Switzerland
May 26, 2013

The International Association of Public Transport is a high-level forum tackling the challenges for the sustainable mobility sector. The four-day programme covers a range of salient topics including e-Buses, light rail vehicles, integrated payment and passenger information and the challenges of new infrastructure delivery. The forum runs alongside the UITP Mobility & City Transport Exhibition, the leading international showcase of urban and passenger transport.

World Economic Forum on The Middle East and North Africa

Dead Sea, Jordan
May 24, 2013

The World Economic Forum on The Middle East and Africa seeks to examine the opportunities springing from this region’s dynamic economic growth. This forum brings together leaders from business, government and civil society to focus on three themes: boosting strategic infrastructure, accelerating economic diversification and unlocking Africa’s talent.

Electric Vehicles Conference

London, UK
April 30, 2013

This industry-led conference and networking event examines the business case for adopting electric vehicle technology. Conference sessions will include early adopter viewpoints – best-practice advice from five EV pioneers; overcoming barriers and the practical implications of introducing EVs into your organisation; monetising and facilitating EV uptake and profitable business models.

Vaccine Summit

Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 24, 2013

Co-hosted by His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and Bill Gates, this global vaccine summit in Abu Dhabi highlights the importance of immunisation for global child health. The event is a platform for new technical and political commitments to that goal with a particular focus on the global polio eradication effort. The event brings together individuals and institutions with innovative approaches and demonstrated commitment across a broad spectrum of the vaccine enterprise.