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Dubai - A Land Of Surprises

The EXPO2020 should be held in Dubai as this is a city of surprises. Dubai is a fantastic place to visit and it is a ‘must visit place’ for many people all around the world. Dubai is a safe and secular place where there is no discrimination between people is visible. Dubai is a place where people of different countries, nationalities, religions, languages come together. Dubai has a super infrastructure, capability, power to fulfill the expectations of the people for the EXPO2020. Dubai is centrally located which makes it possible for people of the all places to visit Dubai easily. The ruler of Dubai has made Dubai a paradise.

Dubai is a record breaker from the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world to the Dancing Fountains and Burj-Al-Arab the highest hotel in the world. Dubai can be enjoyed by people young and old alike. Dubai shopping festival is also a success with lots of prizes kilos of gold, cars etc. and the world always knows Dubai as the City Of Gold. It is a gorgeous city with unlimited landscape, authentic and developed in every sense of the world. Dubai is a country that can be visited by people with varied income levels.

Residents of Dubai are known to be hospitable and kind and this would be the perfect chance to prove it. Dubai is a versatile country with a variety of hotels, shops, products, places to suit every tourist and gives residents an opportunity to showcase Dubai. Dubai has excellent transport facilities air, water & road making travelling fun, fast and easier.

Dubai is a country with a wonderful culture and EXPO2020 gives people the perfect chance to enjoy and admire the greatness of the Dubai culture. East or West there is nothing better than Dubai. Dubai really deserves to host the EXPO2020.

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