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Expo 2020 Dubai will offer a truly unforgettable experience to every visitor and participant alike.

We are planning a site that showcases innovation, provides an authentic representation of the UAE’s culture and architecture, and captures the imaginations of the millions who visit.

Designed as a meeting place for participants, innovators and policymakers from around the world, the Expo site will embody our theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

The pavilions, exhibitions, events and entertainment will come together to create an immersive experience across an area of two square kilometres. At the heart of this Expo site is the Al Wasl plaza, the connection point. This vast space is designed to invite people to connect and form new partnerships. Spreading outwards from this centre will be three ‘souk’ areas, each focussed on our subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

The Expo site
The Expo 2020 Dubai Site is approximately 4 km long and 1.8 km wide

Despite its size, the Expo 2020 site will be built on a human scale, creating an environment that encourages interaction, innovation and partnership through smart design, and enjoyable public spaces.

Situated in the Dubai South district, midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the site will be served by three international airports, as well as a world-class road network and a brand-new extension to the Dubai metro system. Together these elements will ensure ease of access and maximum value to all those we look forward to hosting in 2020.

Sustainability is a design imperative for Expo 2020. It will be one of the most sustainable Expos in history and will build on existing efforts in Dubai and the UAE to educate society about sustainable living, and the environmental challenges we all face.

Half of the electricity used by Expo during the event will come from wholly renewable sources, with half of this generated on the site itself.

The vast majority of the material used in permanent construction on the site (90% of the total) will be reused or repurposed in the legacy state of the buildings and infrastructure.

The UAE’s desert climate makes any reduction of water use a key priority. Buildings on the Expo site will use 25 per cent less water than the regulatory requirement, and all water used for irrigation and cooling will be recycled.

a lasting legacy

Collaboration will shape Expo2020 Dubai, and provide the springboard to a progressive and sustainable vision for the coming decades. The ultimate success of Expo 2020 Dubai will not only be measured by the number of national participants or international visitors, but also by the legacy the event leaves behind.

With over five years until the event closes in April 2021, planning is already underway to ensure that Expo will deliver lasting benefits for the participants and visitors, for the UAE’s prosperity and reputation, for business, for knowledge creation and for Dubai itself.

The economic legacy will be a result of the financial benefits generated from hosting the event. The investment made by the host city and participants, as well as the expenditure of all incoming visitors and residents, will have a considerable impact on the local economy.

The physical legacy will be the site, iconic structures and its infrastructure which will lie at the heart of the development of Dubai South. This will include a state of the art exhibition centre, academic and research institutions and a technology cluster.

There will also be reputational legacy, making the most of the opportunity that hosting a World Expo in the Middle East for the very first time presents

The intangible legacies of Expo 2020 are the most important of all and therefore intend to measure ‘ROI’ in two ways.

The first is Return on Investment in the form of human capital: people living and working in a knowledge economy anchored by the businesses, institutions and the people themselves.

The second is Ripples of Influence: the millions of people who visited and participated, inspired by the event, engaged with the ideas created there, and empowered to go out and make a difference.